2017/2018 Officers

*      Vice President Valerie Taylor 
        Historic Pleasant Green, Lexington KY

*      Recording Secretary: Kimberly Bruton
        Evergreen Baptist Church, Lexington KY

*      Corresponding Secretary; Cassandra Bunton
        First African Baptist Church, Lexington KY

*     Treasurer: Vicki Clark 
       Broadway Baptist Church, Winchester KY

*     Financial Secretary: Arlene Nance
       Broadway Baptist Church, Winchester KY

     Historian:  Renee Burns
       Historic Pleasant Green, Lexington KY

*      Health Care Director: Sherry Jackson
       Bethsaida, Lexington, KY

     Pianist: Isabella Mack
       Centerville Missionary Baptist Church


* Diane Demus
First Baptist Versailles
Linda Gates
Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

Paula Hardin
Macedonia Baptist  Church, Keene, Keene, KY
Mary Washington
Centerville Baptist Church, Paris



    *    Hazel Compton
    *    Brenda Carter
    *    Pamela Thompson
    *    Elaine Farris
    *    Roszalyn Akins 
    *    Valinda Livingston
    *    Delma Peoples 
    *    Ollie Raglin

The Consolidated Baptist District Women’s Auxiliary was founded at the First Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky on Friday, July 17, 1959. This Auxiliary welcomes and supports all women from the fifty-five churches of the District. Financial and spiritual support is given to the Educational and Missionary Conventions of the Consolidated District and the General Association of Kentucky In Baptist. The main purpose of thisAuxiliary is to encourage spiritual growth among it’s members, to help each woman realize her value and worth that can be used for the building up of God’s Kingdom. As we make this journey, the teachings that we share about God’s goodness may notchange our situation but they will change how we handle the challenges.

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Zion Baptist Church,  Paris, Kentucky

Our Theme for 2017-2018 

 'Restore, Reclaim, Renew'

Scripture Psalm 51:10-12

President’s Greetings:

Greetings, I would like to take a moment to praise God for his grace, mercy, and his love that he has shown toward this auxiliary. I realize in the hands of the Father, sinners become saints, failures become victories, and the common is made holy. God can sculpt us into more than we could ever imagined when we just yield to him. As president it is my duty to carry out the mission statement that has been placed before me and this auxiliary in helping these awesome ladies across the district. I am very thankful for the past, and present, but I am looking forward to the future with great expectation and excitement. I am confident that the Lord will use me in this ministry to be a vessel unto him, and just help somebody along the way. It is my prayer that we remain faithful and steadfast in the things of the Lord. Let us go forward and carry out the mission that the Consolidated Baptist District Association has set for this women’s auxiliary to do, but most importantly the mission that God has set forth for us to do. 

    Humbly Submitted, Tara Crumbie, President
“A Force to Be Reckoned With!”